Monty is the familiar name of the owner – Mahanta Shrestha – as he is well known in the local and wider Nepalese community. Coming to the UK in the late 1970s, Monty became a manager at Ealing Tandoori. When the management decided to go their separate ways, they agreed to all keep the name Monty’s in their own establishments. The restaurant’s popularity grew, and Monty expanded as far as Dublin.


Today, Monty’s serves the Ealing community with warm hospitality. The spacious dining area covers two floors and evokes the rich history of Nepal through its wall tapestries and floor tiles and not least its sumptuous dishes. Occasional live jazz adds to the mood, and the friendly, helpful service by the long-serving staff makes dining at Monty’s a pleasure for families, couples, business diners or parties.




Mahanta Shrestha, owner of Monty’s, is a well respected figure in the Nepalese community in the UK.


After establishing the restaurant in 1980, he became a Representative for the Britain-Nepal Chamber of Commerce and President of the Ealing Chamber of Commerce. He is also Founder President of the Non-Resident Nepalese Association, working for the welfare and betterment of Nepalese living abroad. Monty believes wholeheartedly in the contribution and collaboration of Nepalese people in foreign environments in the fields of trade and industry, tradition, culture and foods. Immensely proud of his Nepalese heritage, Monty shows his passion for his roots through his traditional cuisine.


Brewed exclusively in the UK, Khukuri Beer reflects the pride, tradition and bravery of the famous Gurkhas, an elite regiment of Nepalese fighters in the British Indian Army.

Monty found a gap in the market for a quality beer to complement the unique flavours of Nepalese cuisine. Khukuri Beer (UK) Ltd was established in 2003, and has gone from strength to strength, gaining wide credibility and a popular following. Made from hops, lager malt and the cool clear water from the Lake District, it is full bodied and sweet, flowery yet satisfyingly bitter – a perfect accompaniment to the variety of spices in Asian dishes